Core Technologies

Maintaining each step in the manufacturing process—refining, casting and rolling—at a high level of quality is indispensible for the production of quality products. This is of particular importance in high-functional materials with a high alloying metal content. Nippon Yakin employs a special refining technology—winner of the 2002 John Chipman award—with continuous vertical casting equipment providing excellent power for high-functional material manufacturing, and employs rolling technology and equipment unrivaled in the industry. Their strict quality control ensures high-quality products and has been certified by the ISO and the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.


Our non-magnetic high-performance alloys offer exceptional strength and unmatched heat and corrosion resistance that is ideal for advanced equipment in extreme conditions.

Market Offerings

At Nippon Yakin Kogyo our groundbreaking, rigorously tested steel formulations are engineered to meet the precise demands of many industrial needs. These alloys are designed to be resilient in the most challenging environments, yet remain versatile allowing for their easy incorporation into a variety of applications. We have the highest quality steel alloys on the market to meet the strict demands of your manufacturing needs.