Precision Electronics

Precision Machinery Parts

When two metal sheets with different coefficients of thermal expansion are attached together, the result is referred to as a bimetal (and a trimetal is made up of three such metal sheets). When the temperature changes, such a compound metal bends toward the metal with the lower coefficient of thermal expansion, essentially a sort of temperature sensor. This property is utilized in a wide range of applications from temperature regulators and switches in household electrical appliances to cigarette lighters in cars and cathode ray tube fastening hardware for television sets. For bimetals with high thermal expansion, Nippon Yakin produces NAS 21-6 , NAS 22-3 and NAS 206MN , and for low thermal expansion, we provide NAS 36.


Telephone Parts

Buzzers used in telephones, home electronics, office electronics and other devices generate sound from a vibrating plate made of a piezoelectric (vibrating) element metal plate that bends. The sound is created when a magnet emits magnetic flux, which generates a magnetic field, causing the vibrating plate to move up and down. Our products NAS 42 and NAS PB are ideal for the vibrating plate due to their soft magnetic nature.

Buzzer diaphragms for mobile phones

Watch Parts

The stepping motor that drives the second hand in analog quartz watches with such accuracy is composed of a stator, a drive coil and a rotor-very minute parts. The drive coil is made by winding a copper wire around a soft magnetic material made of a permalloy. Nippon Yakin's NAS PB and NAS PC are excellent for this purpose as well as for watch stators. When the drive coil and stator are combined, they form an electromagnet, which rotates the rotor to keep track of time.


Transformers for supplying AC power are made from an iron core that magnetic flux travels through and a coil. Although silicon steel plates are a common choice for the iron core material, the miniature transformers used in precision communication and information devices require magnetic sensitivity to even small magnetic fields. Our products NAS PB and NAS PC are excellent choices, formed from permalloy soft magnetic material.


Mobile Phones

NAS NM15M is a stainless steel product that does not take a magnetic charge even when subjected to major processing, and it is a strong metal. It is an excellent choice for cases, frames and other parts of mobile phones requiring non-magnetic properties to avoid damage to the internal precision electronic parts while providing strength to support the ultra-slim profile of the phone.