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NAS 355N

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NAS355N is a high corrosion resistant nickel alloy, providing corrosion resistance in high-concentration chloride ion or sulfuric acid environments and in extremely severe corrosive environments where both high-concentration chloride ions and sulfuric acid exist. Nickel content of this alloy has been significantly reduced compared to conventional high corrosion resistant nickel alloys, making it a good balance between cost and corrosion resistance performance. Nippon Yakin supplies this product in plate, sheet and strip form.

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Chemical Composition 23Cr-35Ni-7.5Mo-3Cu-0.2N
Product shape
Workability The hot and cold workability of NAS355N is basically the same as that of standard austenitic stainless steels such as Type 304, Type 316, etc. However, the fact that this is a high-strength material must be considered in both cold and hot working processes.
Weldability Various welding methods are applicable in the same manner as with the standard austenitic stainless steels, including shielded metal arc welding, TIG welding, and plasma welding. Alloy 276 welding consumable should be used.
Heat Treatment Solution heat treatment is performed at 1030°C~1180℃ using water cooling.
Pickling A mixture of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid is used in pickling. However, due to the high corrosion resistance of NAS355N, scale is somewhat difficult to remove in comparison with Type 304. Therefore, the material should be immersed in an alkaline solution before pickling, or if possible, shot blasting is extremely effective.
Applications •Flue gas desulfurization systems
•Chemical plants
•Heat exchangers