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NAS H880

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NAS H880 is an austenitic stainless steel which was developed by Nippon Yakin. It is suitable for use in high grade sheathed heater tubes and provides excellent corrosion resistance in wet environments such as hot water supply devices. Nippon Yakin supplies NAS H880 in sheet and strip forms.

Products & Materials

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Chemical Composition 25Ni-23.5Cr-1.2Mo-0.3Al-0.3Ti
Product shape
Weldability NAS H880 welded tube has good formability. There is no crack on the bead after several forming tests.
Blackening Property Emissivity of NAS H880 after blackening heat treatment is the same level as alloy 800 (Low C%).
Heat Treatment Heat treatment of NAS H880 can be performed in the same manner as with other austenitic stainless steels. The heat treatment temperature range which is normally used is as follows:
・Solution treatment: 1000~1100℃; water cooling
Applications Sheathed heater tubes, various types of heat resistant parts