Green Technologies

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Flue gas desulfurization equipment is a critical part of thermal power plants, preventing air pollution. Inside coal-fired power plants, the chlorine in the fuel is concentrated, creating a corrosive environment. If the chlorine ion concentration exceeds 10,000 ppm,
NAS 254N and NAS 354N super stainless steels are excellent products to keep costs down while extending the life of the desulfurization equipment.

A Coal-Fired Power Plant

Fuel Cells

A promising type of fuel cell, molten carbonate fuel cells require stainless steel and alloys that can withstand corrosion in the electrodes and separators. For the fuel electrode, a nickel alloy is used and for the air electrode, a stainless steel such as NAS 310S or 316L is used. For the separator, which is exposed to both fuel and air, NAS 310S (or NAS 316L) and nickel-clad steel is used, and nickel-plated stainless steel is used on a single side of the separator.