During its eight decades as an industry leader, Nippon Yakin has brought innovation and technological ingenuity to its products for superior functionality and versatility. From its fire extinguishers in 1925 to stainless steels today that are ideally designed for green technologies, Nippon Yakin continues its long tradition of creating excellence.

Okame-no-Men released Nippon Yakin's first steel product on October 25, 1935.

The Kawasaki Plant is constructed in 1935 to produce stainless steel.
An okame-no-men, a traditional mask used in the performing arts was purchased from Heiken-ji Temple in Kawasaki and used as a mold for Nippon Yakin’s first product. Based on the mask instead of a typical wooden mold, a sand mold was created. Stainless steel melted in a 50-kilogram induction furnace was poured into the sand mold, becoming the first item produced by NIppon Yakin.

Production of the first stainless steel at Kawasaki Plant
1925 Founded as Chuo Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd., manufacturer and seller of fire extinguishers
1928 Company renamed Nippon Kako Co., Ltd., manufacturer and seller of blasting supplies
1934 Completion of the Kawasaki Alloy Plant (184,800 m²)
1935 First stainless steel product
1942 Company renamed Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1950 Success at manufacturing stainless steel in an arc furnace using an oxygen process
1959 The Kawasaki plant is expanded to 418,000 m²; 20-high Sendzimir mills installed
1966 Planetary hot rolling machine installed
1968 60-ton arc furnace installed
1977 60-ton argon oxygen decarburization equipment installed
1996 Compact hot rolling machine installed
2008 Construction of new AOD equipment has been completed
2010 Consolidated subsidiaries Yakin Kawasaki, Yakin Oheyama and NAS Business Services are absorbed
2011 Nippon Yakin America established
2012 Nippon Yakin Shanghai and Nippon Yakin Europe established
2014 Nippon Yakin Asia established
2015 Nippon Yakin receives NORSOK (Norweigian petroleum standard) certification
2018 Nisco Nippon Yakin Kogyo Nanjing established