Controlled Expansion Alloys

NAS 36

  • UNSK93600
  • DIN/EN1.3912

NAS 36 is an alloy with nickel (36%) and iron as its main components. Because its coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely low, at about 1/10 that of 18-8 stainless steel, thermal stress caused by temperature changes can be held to a very low level, and complex shapes (wave, bellows, etc.) like those required with other low-temperature materials are not necessary. NAS 36 also shows high toughness at low temperatures and provides excellent weldability. Nippon Yakin supplies NAS 36 in sheet and strip forms.

Products & Materials

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Chemical Composition 36Ni-Fe
Product shape
Weldability NAS 36 has good weldability. Joints of thin sheet materials can be welded by TIG welding without a filler, even in seam welding.
Applications Bimetals, LNG tankers, molds, parts requiring low coefficient of thermal expansion.