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The beginning of us protecting the society

Nippon Yakin Kogyo was founded in 1925. The importance of extinguishing fires at their outset was widely recognized after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, and we started out manufacturing fire extinguishers to meet the higher demand for them. Following this, we entered the metallurgy (extracting, refining and processing useful metals from ore and other raw materials) business, and successfully tapped our first molten stainless steel in 1935. Our business scale expanded along with Japan's period of high economic growth after WWII. We mass-produced stainless steel and established an integrated production system starting from smelting nickel, a raw material of stainless steel. Since the 1990s, we have also focused on nickel alloys that have a higher nickel content, which we call high-performance alloys. We are meeting the world's needs with our original manufacturing technology and facilities designed for small-lot production of a wide variety of products.

Addressing environmental problems and the needs of a circular economy

The stainless steel and nickel alloys we produce offer excellent resistance to corrosion and heat as well as longevity and recyclability. Attention has recently focused on the role that companies should play in addressing problems that threaten the sustainability of society, such as climate change and resource depletion. Our products are widely used in plants and facilities operating in fields such as pollution control, renewable energy and hydrogen energy and are contributing to mitigation of environmental problems. In our manufacturing processes as well, we are taking steps to transform conventional, energy-intensive processes in order to reduce CO2 emissions through increased use of recycled materials and fuel switching.

100th anniversary and beyond

In our Group's Medium-Term Management Plan 2023, we set our goal of adapting to environmental changes and realizing sustainable growth as a resilient company, and are accelerating actions to increase sustainability for both society and our company.
We will mark our 100th year in business in 2025, the last fiscal year of this Medium-Term Management Plan. Focusing on the future that lies ahead, we will drive materials creation for the next generation and build a company where the next generation can be proud to work. This is our responsibility as the current generation leading our business at this milestone 100th anniversary.
For our products to deliver their true value, they must first be processed by the next manufacturer, put in the hands of people and used in the real world for beneficial ends. To maximize this value, we will continue tackling future challenges as a manufacturing company while envisioning the uses of our materials with the resolve that they will become the foundation for the future.

President and Representative Director Hisashi Kubota

President and
Representative Director
Hisashi Kubota