Controlled Expansion Alloys


  • JIS
  • UNSK93600
  • DIN/EN

At 36 percent, the primary component of NAS 36LG is nickel, giving this alloy an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion—about one-tenth that of 18-8 stainless steel. NAS 36LG maintains thermal stress due to temperature variation at an extremely low level. When used with low-temperature materials, complex surface forms such as waves, bellows and loop patterns are not required, making NAS 36LG an easy metal to work with.
This alloy has a high ductility at extremely low temperatures and is particularly good for welding. Given these properties, NAS 36LG is used in liquefied natural gas ships, membrane material for land container tanks, and a variety of container and piping materials for handling extremely low-temperature fluids. Nippon Yakin supplies this product in coil and sheet forms.

Chemical Composition 36Ni-Fe
Product shape
Low-temperature ductility Because of its austenitic structure, the impact value does not vary, ensuring adequate ductility at room temperature and even extremely low temperatures.
Workability Soft and extendible at room temperature, NAS 36LG can be easily worked.
Corrosion resistance Because NAS 36LG does not contain the chromium found in stainless steel, care must be taken to ensure rusting does not occur.
Applications Membranes for liquefied natural gas ships and land storage tanks, containers for extremely low-temperature fluids