Ferronickel alloys

(Ferronickel = Steel and nickel alloys)

①Raw materials process

Pre-processing makes it easier to extract ferro-nickel from nickel ore and recycled raw materials.

②Smelting process

Ferro-nickel is separated using heat and reduction.

③Sieving process

Ferro-nickel is extracted.

Stainless steel and High-performance alloys*

*High-performance alloys: Steel and alloys offering superior corrosion resistance, heat resistance, mechanical properties and physical properties than general-use stainless steel (SUS 304), containing more than 20% nickel in principle
Raw materials
Melting and Refining

Nippon Yakin Kogyo's technology for controlling impurities and non-metal components starting at the melting stage of the source material is recognized worldwide for excellence.

Continuous Casting

We produce high-functional materials using a continuous casting machine towering seven stories high.

Hot Rolling

To produce quality high-functional materials, a versatile lineup of productive hot rolling mills is essential.

Cold Rolling・Annealing Pickling

With cold rolling mills and annealing/pickling production lines, Nippon Yakin Kogyo meets production needs with flexibility.

Heat-treating furnace for plates