Nippon Yakin applied for the Stainless Steels Industry Awards 2022,

sponsored by worldstainless

worldstainless(*1), formerly known as ISSF is an international organization consisting of leading stainless steel

manufacturers and related organizations from around the world and it promotes the exchange of stainless

steel-related opinions and information.

*1 ISSF changed its name to worldstainless in May this year.

Every year, worldstainless calls for and recognize participating companies/organizations with prestigious awards

regarding excellent practices and innovative ideas in such categories as stainless steel-related technology, market

development, safety and sustainability.

 Nippon Yakin applied for sustainability category of the Stainless Steels Industry Awards 2022 with Super Austenitic

Stainless Steel NAS254N (SUS836L) used for Soy Sauce Brewing Tanks as follows.

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(You will find details of Nippon Yakin’s entry on pages 17 and 18.)

The South Korean soy sauce company, Sempio Foods, which adopted Nippon Yakin’s NAS254N as a material for

its soy sauce brewing tanks, gave us the comment, "in order to hygienically produce high-quality soy sauce for

a long time, we chose NAS254N, the long-life and high-corrosion-resistant high nickel stainless steel, after giving

careful consideration to the global environment and overall costs."

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