Cold Rolling

In the cold rolling process, a hot-rolled coil is made thinner by passing it between two rolls at room temperature. Not only is the thickness of the material made uniform, but the internal structure is made homogeneous at a microscopic level, and the surface of the roll is transferred to the material to provide a polished finish. To eliminate warping that may harden and to achieve the desired properties, the product is then heat treated during the intermediate and post processing steps.

Image: Cold rolling mill

Cold Rolling Mill

Our three-group 20-high Sendzimir cold rolling mill handles a diverse range of rolling demands.

Image: Cold rolling mill

Continuous annealing and pickling line

We own five annealing and pickling lines with the diversity to manufacture various product types and shapes under a broad range of conditions.
This flexibility allows us to fine tune our response to different production demands.

Image: No.5 AP

No.5 AP

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