Stainless Steels

Surface treatment and maintenance are required to protect iron from its tendency to rust. From the need to prevent this loss to rust came the developments of rust-free steel and stainless steel. To prevent rust, at least 10.5 percent chromium is used to form a fine oxidation (passive) film on the surface of the steel. Nippon Yakin produces a variety of stainless steel products superior to conventional stainless steel. Features of these products include resistance to heat, grain boundary corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and weather as well as being highly formable, machinable, and strong with or without being magnetizable.

Nippon Yakin Grade UNS Major Applications
NAS 301 S30100 A material with lower chromium and nickel than SUS 304 for superior work hardening. Coil springs, bolts, nuts
NAS 304 S30400
A general-use stainless steel. Provides an excellent balance of properties while being easy to use. Food equipment, general chemicals, daily goods
NAS 305 S30500 Provides lower work hardening than SUS 304. Spinning, cold forging
NAS 316 S31600
A form of SUS 304 with molybdenum added for superior pitting corrosion resistance and little magnetism after working.
NAS 317 S31700 A material with pitting corrosion resistance enhanced over SUS 316. Outer plates for equipment
NAS 301L S30103 A low-carbon form of SUS 301 with grain boundary corrosion resistance and superior weldability. Railroad cars
NAS 304L S30403 A material with less carbon and more nickel than SUS 304. Resistant to rust and providing excellent grain boundary corrosion resistance. Parts that cannot be heat treated after welding
NAS 347 S34700 Containing neodymium, this provides a high level of resistance to grain boundary corrosion.
NAS 316L S31603 A form of SUS 316 steel with an extremely low level of carbon to provide a high level of grain boundary resistance.
NAS 317L S31703 A form of SUS 317 with a low level of carbon to provide a high level of grain boundary resistance.
NAS 304MK A form of SUS 304 with added copper for excellent cold workability and non-magnetism. Bolts, nuts
NAS 304DJ An SUS 304 base with lower nickel and higher copper for cold formability and particularly favorable deep drawing. Sinks, warm water tanks
NAS 304SS S30400
For deep drawing and stretch forming
NAS 303AM S30300 A highly machinable stainless steel with improved cuttability and burning resistance, though less resistant to corrosion. Bolts, nuts
NAS 301N Stainless steel made from SUS 301 with nitrogen added for strength. Coil springs, bolts, nuts
NAS 304N2 A metal made from SUS 304 with nitrogen and neodymium added for strength while maintaining a high level of extendibility. Applications similar to 304N1
NAS 309S S30908 A stainless steel providing superior resistance to heat and corrosion over SUS 304. For applications requiring resistance to heat.
NAS 310S S31008 Providing superior corrosion and heat resistance to SUS 309S. For uses requiring resistance to heat.

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