Stainless Steels

Surface treatment and maintenance are required to protect iron from its tendency to rust. From the need to prevent this loss to rust came the developments of rust-free steel and stainless steel. To prevent rust, at least 10.5 percent chromium is used to form a fine oxidation (passive) film on the surface of the steel. Nippon Yakin produces a variety of stainless steel products superior to conventional stainless steel. Features of these products include resistance to heat, grain boundary corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and weather as well as being highly formable, machinable, and strong with or without being magnetizable.

Nippon Yakin Grade UNS   Chemical Composition
NAS 301 S30100 Standard Type 17 Cr-7 Ni
NAS 304 S30400
18 Cr-8 Ni
NAS 305 S30500 18 Cr-12 Ni
NAS 316 S31600
17 Cr-12 Ni-2.5 Mo
NAS 317 S31700 18 Cr-12 Ni-3.5 Mo
NAS 301L S30103 Intergranular Corrosion Resistance 17 Cr-7 Ni-low C-N
NAS 304L S30403 18 Cr-10 Ni-low C
NAS 347 S34700 18 Cr-9 Ni-Nb
NAS 316L S31603 18 Cr-12 Ni-2.5 Mo-low C
NAS 317L S31703 18 Cr-12 Ni-3.5 Mo-low C
NAS 304MK For Forming 18 Cr-8 Ni-2 Cu
NAS 304DJ 17 Cr-7 Ni-2 Cu
NAS 304SS S30400
18 Cr-8 Ni
NAS 303AM S30300 Free-Machning 18 Cr-8 Ni-high S
NAS 301N High Strength 17 Cr-7 Ni-N
NAS 304N2 18 Cr-8 Ni-N-Nb
NAS 309S S30908 Heat Resistance 22 Cr-12 Ni
NAS 310S S31008 25 Cr-20 Ni

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