Stainless Steel Floor Plates


Polka Plates, made of type 304 stainless steel, have round dots specially designed to make cleaning easy. It also provides a safe walking surface and has an aesthetic appeal. Polka Plates are suitable for floors, stairs and stages in food and pharmaceutical plants.


  • The round dots make sweeping easy and effective.
  • They also help drain water well, so the floor dries quickly after washing.

Image: Polka Plate Checker Plate

Polka Plate

Checker Plate

Anti-slip performance

  • Polka Plates received the highest rating for anti-slip performance under German DIN standerds.

Anti-slip properties
Test persons, wearing shoes, are used to determine the angle of inclination at which safe walking no longer occurs, after the pedestrian surface material being tested has been coated with oil.

Image: Anti-slip properties

Classification Slip angle Condition Product
Highest class
35°~       Very high friction Polka Plate
Checker Plate
R12 27°~35° High friction  
R11 19°~27° Increased friction  
R10 10°~19° Normal friction  


  • The area of the Polka Plate in contact with the sole of shoes is large. This feature reduces the load on worker's feet when working for long hours.

Image: Polka Plate

Polka Plate

Image: Checker Plate

Checker Plate

Using a Push cart

  • As shown below, a push cart produce less noise on the Polka Plate floor.

Image: Noise level


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This video introduces the characteristics of POLKA PLATES, users' impressions and actual use examples. (Running time: 8 minutes 26 seconds)

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