High-Performance Alloys

Among stainless steels and alloys, these high-performance alloys provide superior functionality. Features include high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and other special features such as not being magnetizable. These alloys are used in harsh environments under tough conditions in advanced technology fields such as desalination, atomic power, semiconductors, solar cells and fuel cells.

Techniques used to improve the strength of stainless steel include work hardening, solute strengthening and precipitation hardening. In the precipitation hardening process, stainless steel is mixed with aluminum and copper and heated to a specific temperature range, precipitating intermetallic compounds. One example of a precipitation hardened stainless steel is EN 1.4542 (17-4PH®). Solute strengthening involves mixing elements such as nitrogen in the stainless steel to improve the strength, and includes NAS NM15M. These products are used in environments where strength and corrosion resistance are required.

* 17-4PH is a registered trademark of AK Steel Corporation.

Nippon Yakin Grade UNS EN / DIN JIS Chemical Composition
NAS 630 S17400 1.4542 SUS 630 17Cr-4Ni-4Cu-0.2Nb
NAS 631 S17700 1.4568 SUS 631 17Cr-7Ni-1Al
NAS XM-19 S20910 21Cr-12Ni-5Mn-2Mo-0.2Nb-0.2V-0.3N

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