High-Performance Alloys

Among stainless steels and alloys, these high-performance alloys provide superior functionality. Features include high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and other special features such as not being magnetizable. These alloys are used in harsh environments under tough conditions in advanced technology fields such as desalination, atomic power, semiconductors, solar cells and fuel cells.

Soft magnetic alloys minimize the energy loss that accompanies variance in a magnetic field. They are characterized by a low coercive field strength and high magnetic permeability. Applications include magnetic cores for transformers and inductors, magnetic yokes and magnetic shields.

Nippon Yakin Grade UNS EN / DIN JIS Chemical Composition
NAS PB 1.3920 PB 48Ni-Fe
NAS PC 2.4530 PC 77Ni-4Mo-5Cu-Fe

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