High-Performance Alloys

Among stainless steels and alloys, these high-performance alloys provide superior functionality. Features include high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and other special features such as not being magnetizable. These alloys are used in harsh environments under tough conditions in advanced technology fields such as desalination, atomic power, semiconductors, solar cells and fuel cells.

Nippon Yakin Grade UNS EN / DIN JIS Chemical Composition
NAS 255 N08904 1.4539 SUS 890L 20Cr-24Ni-4.3Mo-1.5Cu
NAS 335X N08020 20Cr-33Ni-2.5Mo-3Cu-0.4Nb
NAS 185N S31254 1.4547 SUS 312L 20Cr-18Ni-6Mo-0.8Cu-0.2N
NAS 254N S32053 SUS 836L 23Cr-25Ni-5.5Mo-0.2N
NAS 254NM N08367 21Cr-24Ni-6Mo-0.2N
NAS 255NM N08926 1.4529 20Cr-25Ni-6Mo-1Cu-0.2N
NAS 224N S32050 23Cr-22Ni-6Mo-0.25N
NAS 325N N08031 27Cr-31Ni-6.5Mo-1.2Cu-0.2N
NAS 354N N08354 23Cr-35Ni-7.5Mo-0.2N
NAS 329J3L S31803
1.4462 SUS 329J3L 22Cr-5.3Ni-3.2Mo-0.16N
NAS 64 S32506 SUS 329J4L 25Cr-6.5Ni-3.3Mo-0.17N
NAS 74N S32750 1.4410 25Cr-7Ni-3.8Mo-0.27N
NAS 75N S32760 1.4501 25Cr-7Ni-3.6Mo-0.6Cu-0.6W-0.27N
NAS 825 N08825 2.4858 NCF 825 40Ni-23Cr-3Mo-2Cu-0.7Ti
NAS 625 N06625 NCF 625 62Ni-22Cr-9Mo-3.7Nb-0.2Ti-0.2Al
NAS NW22 N06022 2.4602 NW 6022 57Ni-21Cr-14Mo-3W-4Fe
NAS NW276 N10276 2.4819 NW 0276 59Ni-15Cr-16Mo-4W-5Fe
NAS NW400 N04400 NW 4400 65Ni-32Cu-1Fe
NAS H330 N08330 35Ni-18Cr-1.2Si
NAS 800 N08800 1.4876 NCF 800 32Ni-20Cr-0.4Ti-0.3Al
NAS 800H N08810 1.4876 NCF 800H 32Ni-20Cr-0.2Ti-0.2Al
NAS 800T N08811 1.4876 32Ni-20Cr-0.5Ti-0.5Al
NAS H840 19Ni-20Cr-0.4Ti-0.4Al
NAS H880 25Ni-23.5Cr-1.2Mo-0.3Al-0.3Ti
NAS 600 N06600 2.4816 NCF 600 77Ni-16Cr-6Fe
NAS 601 N06601 2.4851 NCF 601 60Ni-23Cr-1Al-0.2Ti
NAS 660 S66286 SUH 660 25Ni-15Cr-1Mo-2Ti-0.3V-0.2Al
NAS H38X N08120 38Ni-25Cr-0.6Nb-0.2N
NAS HX N06002 2.4665 NW 6002 47Ni-22Cr-9Mo-18Fe-1.5Co-0.6W
NAS 630 S17400 1.4542 SUS 630 17Cr-4Ni-4Cu-0.2Nb
NAS 631 S17700 1.4568 SUS 631 17Cr-7Ni-1Al
NAS XM-19 S20910 21Cr-12Ni-5Mn-2Mo-0.2Nb-0.2V-0.3N
NAS 36 K93600 1.3912 PD 36Ni-Fe
NAS 36LG K93600 36Ni-Fe
NAS 42 K94100 1.3917 42Ni-Fe
NAS 21-6 21Ni-6Cr-Fe
NAS 22-3 22Ni-3Cr-Fe
NAS 206MN 20Ni-6Mn-Fe
NAS PB 1.3920 PB 48Ni-Fe
NAS PC 2.4530 PC 77Ni-4Mo-5Cu-Fe
NAS NM15M 17Cr-15Mn-4Ni-0.3N
NAS NM17 17Cr-17Mn-7.3Ni
NAS Ni201 N 02201 2.4068 NW 2201 99Ni
NAS 8R10

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