Corrosion Resistant Alloys

NAS NW400 (UNS N04400), comparable to Monel® 400 Alloy

NAS NW400 (NW4000, UNS N04400), with a composition comprising Ni and Cu, is an alloy which provides a combination of the noble metal properties of Cu and the passivation property of Ni and offers excellent corrosion resistance. Taking advantage of these properties, it is used in seawater desalination plant, heat exchangers, overlay materials for marine structures, and similar applications. Nippon Yakin supplies this product in plate, sheet and strip form.

  • Image: Coil
  • Image: Sheet
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Because ordinary temperature strength of NAS NW400 is lower than that of Type 304, the cold working such as bending is easier than Type 304.


Possible welding methods include shielded metal arc welding, TIG, MIG, and resistance welding. ENiCu-7 welding consumable should be used for TIG and MIG welding.

Heat Treatment

Solution annealing of NAS NW400 is normally performed at the temperature range from 700 to 900℃ followed by being quenched in water or rapidly cooled by other means.


It should be noted that descaling of NAS NW400 is somewhat difficult in comparison with Type 304.


Marine structure overlays, seawater desalination plant, salt manufacturing plant, a petroleum refining equipment, ship parts, heat exchangers, valve and pump materials for chemical and seawater desalination plants, etc.


NAS NW400 Spec Sheet (PDF 180KB)

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