Market Offerings

At Nippon Yakin Kogyo our groundbreaking, rigorously tested steel formulations are engineered to meet the precise demands of many industrial needs. These alloys are designed to be resilient in the most challenging environments, yet remain versatile allowing for their easy incorporation into a variety of applications. We have the highest quality steel alloys on the market to meet the strict demands of your manufacturing needs.

Image: Precision Electronics

Precision Electronics >

Our innovative alloys meet the precise technical needs of the electronics industry.

Image: Green Technologies

Green Technologies >

With cutting edge engineering we supply robust steels to withstand chemical corrosion.

Image: Marine Structures

Marine Structures >

We have perfected alloys with unsurpassed structural performance in marine conditions.

Image: Protection for LNG, Neutrons and Overlays

Protection for LNG, Neutrons and Overlays >

Our alloys ensure the efficient operation of equipment in the energy industry.

Image: Automotive Applications

Automotive Applications >

Our specialty steels excel under the tough physical demands of automotive equipment.

Image: Precision Astronomical Instruments

Precision Astronomical Instruments >

We design cutting-edge alloys to meet the rigorous specifications of advanced technologies.

Image: Manufacturing & Processing Plants

Manufacturing and Processing Plants >

Our low maintenance steels for the food industry resist corrosion and provide great value.

Image: High Temperature Environments

High Temperature Environments >

We make robust products ideally suited to withstand high-temperature breakdown.

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